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Let’s tell it how it is…

Your in Germany, maybe you’ve been here a while, maybe you just got a PCS to Stuttgart, Either way it’s different to what your used to.

The Language barrier, unsure of what to ask or how to ask without seeming to offend local custom.

The Language barrier, unsure of what to ask or how to ask without seeming to offend local custom.

Expectations and desired level of Customer Service. Acceptance of VAT Forms? Will I get ripped off? Will I get an invoice? The parts and oil are much cheaper on Post can I provide them? The list is endless, Let me put your mind at ease.

Firstly I understand where you are coming from, I have been working on US Domestic and European Vehicles for the USAG Stuttgart for over 15 years. I am rarely offended, If you are unhappy with my service or prices tell me, if you are happy TELL YOUR FRIENDS.

I understand that you can purchase Oil and Parts cheaper on Post, Bring them with you, no discussion, bring them with you – you save money! I can provide a Labor only service if that works out financially better for you. I accept VAT forms. I am legally required to invoice all work.

I understand that labor costs may seem expensive when likened to the US, I keep my overhead costs to a minimum passing that saving on to you the CUSTOMER. Yes, Germans in general are not renowned for their customer service, sometimes hurts to be truthful, because of the amount of USAG customers that I deal with on a daily basis I provide customer service which is level to or better than they have ever experienced, where ever they have served!

You will not get ripped off, it is not in my long term business interests to rip anybody off. A good reputation is hard won, it takes time and effort.


Because my workshop is registered and certified all work is guaranteed under German Law. If your vehicle is under manufacturers guarantee it does not have to be taken to the Main Dealer – I am authorised to carry out Service and Repairs and stamp your Service Book accordingly.

If you have any questions then ask me, if not, then I’ll see you when you get here.

Tom Rebele

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Thomas Rebele
Mechanic Master Craftsman
Michael Schmidt
Beatrice Owens
Customer care and Appointment requests